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Thursday, 22 January 2015

Another busy week in Class 1.

This week we have been finding out about the continents on Earth. We made our own maps and then found the continents on Google Earth. We also found India, a country that we are exploring.

In maths, we have been investigating how different numbers share equally. We found, for example, that if you have 3 cakes, or 6, or 9, then they will share perfectly between 3 plates. This is the start of us learning about division and multiplication. These pictures show some really hard thinking! (and some beautiful partner work).

We sneaked in some handwriting practice...

...and some measuring. More investigation here, as we worked out ways of finding half of a length. We used measuring sticks to measure half of a real stick...

...and string to measure half of other things, such as the width of a book.

We even measured half of Cerys (without folding her in half!).

We were then set a challenge in our Thinking groups - who could find the half way point across the floor of the hall, using whatever equipment we chose.

Lewie, Billie, Joe, Yasmin and Evie solved the challenge - with just a piece of string!

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  1. Lovely, I can now see why Lucas was so keen to make a height chart at home!