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Sunday, 8 March 2015

World Book Day illustrators.

In Class 1 we know that the author and the illustrator of the book do very different jobs (although they may actually be the same person...).

During World Book Day Mrs Sergeant read us a story but she didn't let us see the cover or any of the pictures inside! We imagined that we were illustrators, and that the author had come to us asking for some illustrations for their story. We talked about the pictures that the words had created inside our heads, and shared our ideas. Then, using oil pastels and big sheets of paper, we started illustrating. We quite liked this job! 

Here are a few of the finished illustrations, with more to be added as they are finished. (Mrs Sergeant is feeling very proud of her illustrators... these are amazing!).

 The little boy in the story plays on the beach. Illustration by Scarlett.

There is a wave and a storm starts. Illustration by Ashton.

A helter-skelter at the fairground. Illustration by Maya. 

The beach and the train. Illustration by Stanley.

The storm approaches. Illustration by Lucas.

The hotel, the beach and the waves. Illustration by Harriet.

The seaside hotel where the little boy has his holiday. Illustration by Lewie.

Another enormous and gorgeous ice cream! Illustration by Dora.

The beach, with the storm approaching. Illustration by Cerys.

The ice cream in the story seems popular! Illustration by Archie.

And again! Illustration by Evie (G).

The aquarium. Illustration by Evie (F).

The house, the beach, a sunny day. Illustration by Amy.

The aquarium. Illustration by Eleanor.

The train, the red house, the storm. Illustration by Tom.

The seaside hotel. Illustration by Joe.

More yummy ice cream! Illustration by Yasmin.

The dark attic, with the mysterious train line. Illustration by Rohan. 

The sunniest beach and bluest sky ever! Illustration by Olivia.

The beach and the sea. Illustration by Phoebe.

I think that you wil agree, these illustrations are incredible. Well done to the Class 1 illustrators - you have done all of this from your own imaginations. 


  1. Class One - you should be really proud of these illustrations. A good book should set your imagination free and these are picture-proof that this is exactly what happened! Becky Fraser (Maya's Mum)

  2. Well done Class One. You should be really proud of these illustrations. A good book should set your imagination free and these are proof that this is exactly what happened. Becky Fraser (Maya's mum)

  3. The children are proud, thank you - and their teacher is proud of them! I will add more photos of the illustrations as they are finished. Thank you for your comments.