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Sunday, 21 June 2015

Outside learning and Father's Day

This week we have been trying to make the most of the outdoors for our learning. This culminated in the National "Empty Classroom Day" on Friday, where we were outside for much of the day. Here are a few of the hings that we got up to outside.

We measured the size of one of Christopher Columbus' ships, the Pinta. Of course, it felt huge to us, but we tried hard to imagine how small it would feel sailing "off the map" into the vast Atlantic Ocean.

Here we are on the deck, doing various sailors chores...

and asleep in our hammocks!

We also did our spellings in chalk on the playground.

We were lucky enough to have some children from Class 4 come to read stories with us in the amphitheatre.

We collected sticks from the school fields and used them for lots of story telling and drama. A stick can be a wand belonging to a fairy or a wizard, or it can be a unicorn horn or a light saber. We then used the sticks to make Stick Men, or more accurately, Stick Daddies. With some clay modelled to make a head, and found twigs and leaves for decoration, the children had to think carefully about what was unique and special about Daddy. The finished results were fabulous. 

Dads - can you spot yourself here?!

Even Mrs Sergeant's Daddy got home to a funny surprise!

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