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Sunday, 19 March 2017

Building detectives

We have been outside exploring our school buildings as part of our Houses and Homes topic.
Here we are looking at how the building is made and what it is made of. We talked about where the water goes when it runs in to the gutter and then down the drainpipe. We talked about why bricks are always in a particular pattern. 

We also went to have a look at the building work that is being done on the school field. We saw trenches that have been cut with a digger, the water and waste pipes are already inside the trenches. We talked about when we turn the tap on in our houses, the water has to flow along pipes like these to get in to our house from the pipes under the road. 

Some of us took on the challenge of laying bricks in that special pattern that makes the wall strong. 

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  1. Jamerson is really enjoying this topic! He has been telling me about all the different houses people can live in!