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Sunday, 15 April 2018

Judaism and Christianity

In Easter week we had an RE focus. 
We know that RE means "learning about what different people believe".

We started by learning a bit about Judaism, in particular the Passover meal that Jewish people have to celebrate and remember their freedom from being slaves. We made our own Seder plate, learning about what each type of food represents. We had a communal Seder meal together. Some of us were very brave because we tried something new. We each wrote down something good that we could remember from our own lives. 


We then learnt about the Easter story as understood by Christians. 

This followed on well, as we learnt that Christians believe that Jesus's last meal with his friends was a Passover meal. We had to think about why Christians call Jesus their "Saviour", which is tricky to understand. We then thought about who has "saved" us as different times, for example a friend may have saved us at playtime when we had no-one to play with. 

The orange words below are what we knew about Easter before our Easter lessons.

 The blue words are what we were able to add at the end of our RE lessons. We agreed that we should enjoy all of the orange things - but think of all of the blue things -  during the Easter holiday. 

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